Dear Tom,
My friend just moved to Minneapolis and is telling me that the city’s biggest snowstorm occurred on Halloween. How could that be?

Pete Chandler

Dear Pete,
Strange as it seems, that is true. During the period from October 31 to November 2, 1991, a blinding snowstorm dropped 28.4 inches of snow on the Twin Cities, a single storm record. Duluth was buried by 36.9 inches, the largest storm total in Minnesota history. Though, it was occurring a half a continent away, this record snowstorm occurred at the same time the “Perfect Storm”, a storm made famous by the Sebastian Junger novel and subsequent movie, was battering the Eastern Seaboard. While the storms were separate entities, the strength of the Atlantic storm impeded the eastward progress of the Minnesota storm, prolonging the snowfall there, resulting in the record totals.