Did July have a lot of sun almost every day?

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Dear Tom,
It seems that this July has had a lot of sun almost every day. How did the month fare in this category?

Helen Duess
Franklin Park

Dear Helen,
Your perceptions are right on. Frank Wachowski, the keeper of the city’s sunshine data, reports that July ended up with 70% of its possible sunshine, following a sunnier than normal June that recorded 69 percent of its possible sunshine, four percent above the month’s 65 percent normal. The back-to-back sunny summer months, are reversing the trend of what had been a dreary 2020 that registered monthly sunshine deficits from January-May. July
logged two days with 100 percent sunshine and six additional days that registered 90 percent or more. There were no completely cloudy days and the month’s two dreariest days, July 15 and 30, both logged 17 percent of possible sun.


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