Details about the 2005 “gustnado” in Wildwood and Grayslake

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Dear Tom,

A severe thunderstorm or a gustnado tore through Wildwood and Grayslake in 2004 or 2005. My kids are asking about it. Do you have and details?

Alison Meyer

Dear Alison,

We sure do. We asked Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski to check the storm logs. Wachowski noted that a severe thunderstorm hit the Grayslake-Wildwood area around 12:45 pm on July 20, 2005. Packing winds as high as 65 mph, the storm downed trees and powerlines in Wildwood and Grandwood Park, damaging cars and homes. Numerous tree limbs were blown down at a Grayslake golf course and several golf carts were damaged by the flying debris. Area spotters reported rotation in the clouds and the storm was thought to spawn a a gustnado, a small tornado-like whirlwind that can spin up as a straight-line wind gusts blow out of a thunderstorm.


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