Details about the 1991 Halloween winter storm

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Dear Tom,
I saw a TV show about the ten worst winter storms that included a 1991 Halloween storm that walloped Minnesota with up to 37 inches of snow. What was the weather like in Chicago then?

Chuck Kennell

Dear Chuck,
Chicagoans lucked out that Halloween, as a potent storm system tracked from southeast Texas to western Lake Superior. With the city situated on the warm side of the storm, gusty south winds boosted temperatures well into the 50s. Though mild, Chicago’s weather was not perfect,with some light rain on Halloween (.02 inches) and more substantial showers on November 1 (0.38 inches). Much colder weather followed in the wake of the storm as powerful west winds dropped temperatures below freezing and brought the season’s first snow flurries.The high winds caused damage to trees and property.


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