December 1984’s New Year’s Eve snow

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Dear Tom,
I remember a New Year’s Eve back in the 70s that had no snow on the ground, but by late evening several inches had accumulated. Details?

Mark Lutz, Melrose Park, and Mike Hanson

Dear Mark and Mike,
That snowy New Year’s Eve was not in the 70s, but the one that marked the transition from 1984-85. Like this year, late December 1984 was unseasonably mild, posting highs of 69 and 63 on the 27th and 28th. New Year’s Eve started out chilly and rainy, but by late afternoon the rain changed to heavy, wet snow. By midnight, the city logged 3.2″. The snow continued into New Year’s Day with another 4.3″ piling up, bringing the total to 7.5″. New Year’s Day was cold and blustery as temperatures tumbled from 32 degrees just after midnight to 10 by late evening as arctic air invaded in the snow’s wake.


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