Dear Tom,

Hurricane Ian was rated a Category 4 (131-156 mph) storm falling shy of Category 5 (157+ mph) by just a few mph. Could that change?

Todd W. Midlothian

Dear Todd,

It absolutely could. Hurricane Ian will be the subject of many research papers and theses in the years to come and all aspects of the storm will be put under a powerful microscope. That certainly could bring findings that would support upgrading Ian to a Category 5 storm. That is exactly what happened to Hurricane Andrew. In 1992, Andrew was rated a Category 4 storm as it blasted portions of southeast Florida on August 24, 1992 with top winds thought to be 145 mph. “Upon further review” the storm was upgraded to a Category 5 hurricane with top winds of 165 mph on its tenth anniversary after researchers determined that the storm winds were significantly high than previously thought.