Comparing Monday’s Aug. 11, 2020 Derecho with the 1992 storm that hit the Taste of Chicago

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Dear Tom,
Can you compare Monday’s derecho to the one that hit the Taste of Chicago many years ago?
Jean SmilingCoyote Chicago

Dear Jean,
The two storms were quite similar, both occurring on hot and humid days. Both developed in the Plains and sped east at interstate speeds reaching the Chicago area around mid-afternoon. The derecho that you reference swept the Chicago area on July 2, 1992 packing wind gusts as high as 86 mph. The storm killed one and injured several dozen, knocked down walls, and devastated trees and power lines. When it reached the lakefront it overturned at least six food booths and stages at the Taste of Chicago, shutting the event down for the rest of the day. The derecho, accompanied by hail and torrential rain, also stopped racing at Arlington Park and halted the Western Open golf tournament at Cog Hill in Lemont.


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