For the next couple of days, we’ll find ourselves stuck under the influence of a stacked Low, from the surface to the upper level.   Another trough in the jet stream keeps the Great Lakes and Midwest cool, to chilly.  As waves or energy wrap around the low they’ll kick up more showers.  Widespread showers are very likely on Sunday with the possibility of some snowflakes mixing in during the morning.  Graupel will be possible in the afternoon.  Breezy west winds will gust up to 30-35 mph and keep wind chills in the upper 30s Sunday afternoon.  In other word it will be quite miserable.

Wha is super-cooled water?

Super-cooled water is liquid water at temperature below the nominal freezing point of pure water [~0°C (32°F) for atmospheric-relevant pressure]. This usually refers to cloud droplets, which often remain liquid for a long time at temperatures below 0°C (32°F). The actual freezing temperature of a supercooled cloud droplet depends on its size and composition and may be as low as several tens of degrees below 0°C (32°F).