Chicago’s February 2021 precipitation and total through June 11

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Dear Tom,
This year through June 11th Chicago received roughly 7 inches of precipitation. How much of that fell in all of February’s snows?
—Alan Hayes Chicago
Dear Alan,
The short answer is not much, and that was a big reason why the Chicago area quickly descended into drought in the wake of our dry spring. Through June 11, the city has received just 6.96 inches of water- equivalent precipitation, the city’s second lowest total, dating back to 1871. That was quite surprising, given the city’s very snowy February that logged 21.6 inches of snow. Despite the abundant snowfall, February precipitation was well below normal, just 1.25 inches. As temperatures warmed and the snow melted, there was little available moisture to percolate into the soil, and the ensuing dry spring quickly sent this area into drought.

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