Chicago's average coldest days of winter

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Dear Tom,
When do Chicago’s daily average temperatures bottom out at the coldest point of winter?
John Biemer, Oak Park
Dear John,
Those dates are rapidly approaching. The nadir of Chicago’s daily average temperature drops to 23 degrees, based on highs of 31 and lows of 16, from January 17-20. On January 21, the city’s average temperature increases to 24 and remains there through February 2. It then slowly but steadily increases, reaching 32 degrees by the end of February, 43 by March 31, 54 by the end of April, 64 by May 31 and 73 by June 30. The year’s average temperature high point, 74 degrees, is reached on July 3, where it remains through August 4. The year’s highest maximum and minimum readings, 85 and 64 degrees, prevail from July 9-15. Starting August 5, readings begin a slow decline until they again bottom out at 23 degrees on January 17.


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