Chicago’s August 2021 sunshine

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Dear Tom,
I keep an informal weather journal and noticed that it was sunny or partly sunny on 28 of August’s 31 days. Did the official data show an exceptional amount of sunshine??
—Debbie Goddard Plainfield
Dear Debbie,
We passed your question on to Frank Wachowski, who has been recording Chicago’s sunshine since the 1950s. The city officially logged 71 percent of August’s possible sunshine, well above the month’s 64 percent normal. There were seven days with 90 percent or more of possible sunshine, including back-to-back 100 percent sunny days on August 15-16. There were no totally cloudy days, with the least sun on August 9, just 12 percent. Dating back to 1893, the city’s sunniest August was in 1916, a month that logged 86 percent of the possible sun, while 1991 was the dreariest, registering just 42 percent.

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