Chicago’s 80-degree or higher days in 2021

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Dear Tom,
According to my count through October 13, O’Hare has had 100 80-degree days and Midway 105 so far this year. How does that rank all-time at each location?
—Pat Byrne, Hoffman Estates
Dear Pat,
We double-checked your numbers with Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski, and they are correct. The city’s official count of 100 days of 80-degrees or higher at O’Hare ranks as the eighth-highest, dating back to 1871. The most occurred in 2005 when 103 were logged, followed by 102 in 2007/1953, and 101 in 2018, 2012, 1963, and 1944. At Midway, where records date back to 1928, this year’s 105 days of 80 or higher were the second-most logged in any year, surpassed only by 108 days in 2018. The year with the fewest official 80s was 1875 with just 26 at the downtown location. The fewest ever recorded at Midway was 56 in 2009.

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