Chicago weather and frequency of winter storms after Nov. 10

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Dear Tom,
In a recent column, you mentioned an increased frequency of storms and big temperature drops around November 10. I’ve noticed that there are few “nice” days after that. Do the weather records bear that out?

Dan Kane Oak Park

Dear Dan,
They do. In many years, the season’s first major wintry storm develops in the days straddling November 10, often bringing significant cold air and snow to the Midwest. These storms rapidly intensify as they draw warmth and energy as they pass over still-warm Great Lakes. This is the period when Chicago often gets its first measurable snow, first subfreezing high and first sub-20 low of the fledlging cold season, and marks the end of early autumn warmth. Since 1871, the city has logged 93 days of 70 or higher from November 1-10, compared to just 49 days from November 11-30.

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