When was Chicago’s coolest Father’s Day?

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Dear Tom,

When was Chicago’s coolest Father’s Day? Has it ever been cooler than the previous Mother’s Day?

Nick Recchia
River Grove

Dear Nick,

While the normal high for Father’s Day runs in the lower 80s, the variability of Chicago’s weather has generated high temperatures ranging from a very chilly 55 on June 18,1950 to a scorching 95 on June 20, 1971. When considering the minimum temperature, the lowest Father’s Day minimum has been 38 on June 21, 1992. This year’s 60 was quite chilly, but last’s was hot with a high of 93. Occurring five weeks earlier, Mother’s Day is usually cooler, but there have been some exceptions. In 1956, the city logged its hottest Mother’s at 89 degrees, just edging out the Father’s Day high of 87. The last time Mother’s Day was warmer was in 2005 with a high of 85, while Father’s Day only reached 78.


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