What is the deepest snowpack ever recorded in Chicago?

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What is the deepest snowpack ever recorded in Chicago?

Matt Downing

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Chicago’s record-tying nine consecutive days of measurable snow earlier this month transformed a brown,barren winter landscape into a picturesque snow-covered one with area snow packs building to more than 20 inches in some locations. However, the area’s all-time deepest snow pack of 29 inches occurred on January 14, 1979 in the wake of the city’s infamous “Blizzard of ’79” that produced 20.3 inches of snow. The snow pack remained robust for more than a month, fluctuating between 19 and 27 inches through February 22. After that, welcome early-spring warming ensued, quickly melting the snow, with the snow cover finally dwindling to a trace on March 5 after a record 100 days with at least one inch of snow dating back to November 26.


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