What is Chicago’s warmest nighttime temperature?

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Dear Tom,
What it Chicago’s warmest nighttime temperature?
Chad Krissell, Chicago
Dear Chad,
Chicago’s official temperature records began on Nov. 1, 1870, and in the 150 years since then, the highest minimum temperature ever recorded in a 24-hour period, midnight to midnight, CST, is 85 degrees. It occurred on July 29, 1916, when the city was locked in a five-day heat wave. Minimum temperatures of 84 degrees were also recorded on July 28 and 30 of that year (the only two occurrences of 84-degree lows in the city’s official records). And a low temperature of 83 degrees was registered on July 14, 1995. That reading was part of a mid-July heat wave that resulted in over 700 deaths in the Chicago area.
A day with a minimum temperature of 80 degrees or higher is a rare occurrence here, having occurred only 32 times since records began.


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