What has been the city’s driest summer?

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Dear Tom,

Have we ever had a rain free summer month? What has been the city’s driest summer?

Nick Recchia
River Grove

Dear Nick,

Chicago has never recorded a rain-free month, any time of the year. The city’s driest month on record was September, 1979 that logged just 0.01 inches in a brief shower on the first of the month. January, 1981 ranks as the second driest month measuring just 0.10 inches. Considering just the three meteorological summer months, the driest June was in 1922 with 0.12 inches, the driest July was 1936 with 0.22 inches and the driest August was in 1893 with 0.18 inches. When ranking the entire three-month meteorological summer period, the driest honors go to the summer of 1894 with just 3.16 inches. That summer beat out the runner-up 1991summer that measured 5.08 inches and the third driest summer of 2005 with 5.18 inches.


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