What are Chicago’s November snowfall statistics?

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Dear Tom,
What are Chicago’s November snowfall statistics?
James Bettelford

Dear James,
Chicago’s snowfall records began in 1884 and in the 135 years (through 2018) since then, two Novembers recorded no snow at all. Only traces of snow (less than 0.1 inch) were recorded in 28 of those years; the remaining 105 Novembers registered at least 0.1 inch of snow. Nov. of 1940 recorded the greatest amount of snow: 14.8 inches. Nov. of 1895 came in second, with 14.5 inches. Nov. of 1951 was the city’s third snowiest, with 14.3 inches; fourth snowiest: 2018 with 12.7 inches. The heaviest snowstorm ever to occur in November measured 12.0 inches on Nov. 25-26, 1895, with 5.0 inches on the 25th and 7.0 inches on the 26th. In 2015, Nov. 20-21 brought 11.2 inches, and in Nov. of 1975, a three-day period of snow brought 10.0 inches, beginning on the 25th.


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