Was there ever a snowstorm on Thanksgiving and temps in the 60s on Christmas during the same year in Chicago?

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Dear Tom,
I remember a massive snow storm that hit Chicago around Thanksgiving when I was going to school in Champaign . I also remember a Christmas with temperatures in the 60s. Did both events happen in the same year?

Art Kulak
Elk Grove Village

Dear Art,

They did not. The Thanksgiving snowstorm took place in 1975 and the balmy Christmas was seven years later in 1982. The Thanksgiving eve snowstorm brought 8.6 inches of snow to the city on November 26-27, 1975, paralyzing holiday travel. In 1982, with a strong El Niño in progress, the city recorded a spectacularly mild December. The month averaged 36.0 degrees, nearly nine degrees above normal and ranks as the city’s 13th mildest. The highest temperature was 71 on December 2 and the city experienced a “Florida” Christmas with the 64 degree record high, typical for a Christmas Day in Jacksonville.


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