Was there a solar eclipse in Chicago around 1936?

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Dear Tom,

As a child I remember much notoriety about a forthcoming solar eclipse in Chicago. It was probably around 1936. Am I remembering correctly?

Bill McNichols
Oak Park

Dear Bill,

Time has not eclipsed your memory. The partial solar eclipse that you recall occurred on February 3, 1935. In Chicago, the entire eclipse lasted for 2 hours and 14 minutes, reaching a maximum solar obscuration of 55 percent at 10:12 am. The eclipse was visible, in varying degrees, across most of North and Central America, southern Greenland and Iceland with a maximum of nearly three quarters of the sun disappearing in portions of northwest Canada. The much-anticipated total solar eclipse on August 21 will be visible in areas as close as far southern Illinois with Chicagoans able to view nearly 90 percent of the sun obscured around 1:20 pm.


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