The Englewood storm on October 14, 1886

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Dear Tom,

The diary of artist Edwin Willard Deming tells about a big storm in Englewood in 1886 that destroyed his studio. Details?

Gene Meier,

Dear Gene,

The Chicago area was hit by a severe windstorm on October 14, 1886; the result of two low pressure systems, one moving southeast out of Canada and the other moving north from the Gulf of Mexico, combining into an intense storm in northwest Illinois. The storm’s strong southwest winds, gusting as high as 65 mph, began about 8 am and continued into the early afternoon. In addition to the destruction of Deming’s Englewood studio, a Lockport home was demolished, a 20-foot diameter, 100 ton water tower was blown over crushing several buildings, and numerous trees, haystacks and sheds were blown away. The storm created havoc on the Great Lakes where many vessels were damaged or blown ashore.


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