Is Chicago snowfall on Halloween unusual?

Ask Tom Why

Dear Tom,
Last year it snowed on Halloween. That had to be very unusual, right?

Tammy Medwick
Dear Tammy,
Absolutely. In 2019, the city recorded 3.4 inches of snow on Halloween, part of an Oct. 30-31 snow event that delivered 4.6 inches of snow, with even larger totals to the north and west. That was only the second time since 1884, that measurable snow fell Oct. 31, the other occurrence just 0.1 inches in 2014. Only seven other Halloweens have recorded a trace of snow —1895, 1917, 1918, 1926, 1955, 1993 and 2013. In 1994, a late-evening wet snow whitened some suburban landscapes, but only wind-driven rain fell in the city. Some readers tell us they remember trick-or-treating in the snow in 1954, but that year Halloween fell on Sunday, with many municipalities changing trick-or-treating to Nov. 1, when up to 2 inches fell.


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