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Dear Tom,
Could you tell me how this spring’s rain totals compare with other years?
Thanks, Steve Carlin St. Charles
Dear Steve,
Spring2019, with its abundance of rain and snow has certainly been a wet one. Since the March 1 start of meteorological spring, precipitation through May 15 has totaled 11.28 inches, well above the normal of 8.05 inches. However, several recent springs have been wetter. Just two years ago in 2017, precipitation totaled 11.69 inches, 11.31 inches fell in 2013 and 12.23 inches was recorded in 2009. We asked Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski to rank this spring’s precipitation and he found that it was the city’s 15thwettest, dating back to 1871. For comparison, Chicago’s wettest spring to date was in 1983 when 13.53 inches fell and the driest was in 1887 with just 1.60 inches.