Has it ever rained at Midway Airport on May 21st?

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Dear Tom,

Has it ever rained at Midway Airport on May 21st? If so, in what years, and how much rain fell?


Dear Bobbie,

Rain has fallen at Midway Airport on May 21st 38 times in the 91 years of precipitation records (1928-2018) at that station. Measurable rain (0.01 inch or greater) has occurred 28 times and traces 10 times. The heaviest rainfall, 1.79 inches, fell in 1982. Rainfall amounts of one inch or greater occurred on three additional days: 1.25 inches in 2018; 1.16 inches in 1974; and 1.06 inches in 1999.

Looking at the entire year, the greatest one-day precipitation total at Midway Airport occurred on July 12, 1957, when 6.16 inches came down. It was part of a very wet July: 8.98 inches of rain were recorded that month. The second heaviest rain, 5.72 inches, occurred on July 17, 1996. The third heaviest was on Oct. 14, 2017, with 5.11 inches.


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