Did Chicago’s 2018 precipitation set a new record?

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Dear Tom,
2018 sure seemed like a wet year in Chicago history. Did we break the city’s annual precipitation record?
Thanks, Doug Congdon Zion
Dear Doug,
We did not, but we came close. According to Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski, 2018 with 49.23 inches of precipitation was the city’s fourth wettest year dating back to 1871, surpassed only by 2008-50.86 inches, 2011-49.83 inches and 1983-49.35 inches. May was the wettest month of the year logging 8.21 inches, followed by 7.63 inches in June and 6.61 inches in August. The days with the heaviest precipitation were August 7 receiving 2.36 inches and February 20 with 2.10 inches. The city’s normal annual precipitation currently stands at 36.89 inches, so last year was 12.34 inches above normal.


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