Did Chicago have a lot of rain from April to July, 1938?

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Dear Tom,

I have noticed in 1938 the Chicago White Sox had a huge amount of doubleheaders in August. Did we have a lot of rain from April to July of that year to cause it?

Jeffrey Kozinski,

Dear Jeff,

The weather was terrible during the 1938 baseball season, but the bad conditions were not limited to Chicago. During the course of the season, the White Sox had 26 games postponed by rain, cold or wet grounds. While some of the canceled games were in Chicago, other postponements were in Detroit, New York, Boston and Cleveland. All of the games were eventually made up, resulting in 26 double headers that were not on the original schedule. The Sox played double headers six days in a row from August 23-28 and ended up winning just three of the 12 games. It was especially wet and cold during the early part of the season. Through May 24, the Sox had played just 22 of their 33 scheduled games.


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