Consecutive days of 100 degrees in Arizona

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Dear Tom,
My cousin in Gilbert, Arizona claims they experienced more than a 100 consecutive days of triple-digit heat last year. Could that be true?
Mina Kerr Wheaton
Dear Mina,
It is not true. Gilbert, part of the Phoenix metroplex, is located about 22 miles to the east of Phoenix. While the area frequently logs more than 100 days of triple-digit heat annually, the record for the longest run of 100-degree days is 76, running from June 10-August 24, 1993. The second longest string drops to just 64 days, observed in 1989, from June 7 to August 9. Last year Phoenix experienced 128 100-degree days, but the year’s longest string was only 35 days. In 1989, Phoenix recorded a record 143 days with highs of at least 100, substantially beating runner-up 2003 that counted 129 days. Phoenix’s all-time high temperature is 122 degrees, recorded on June 26, 1990.


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