Chicago area’s highest temperatures on record

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Dear Tom,
I just read your response to someone who asked what the lowest recorded temperatures in the Chicago area were. Can you also address the highest temperatures?
Drake Van Beek
Dear Drake,
The vast majority of the highest temperatures in the Chicago area were recorded during the “Dust Bowl” summers of the 1930s and the hot summers in the 1950s. Chicago’s official highest temperature stands 105 degrees, reached on July 24, 1934, while unofficially, Midway Airport recorded a high of 109, one day earlier, on July 23, 1934. July 1936 ranks as Illinois’ hottest month and produced these scorching Chicago area highs- Aurora 111, Joliet 109, Kankakee 109, LaSalle 113, Marengo 109, Morris 109, Ottawa 112 and Rockford 112. The highest temperature ever recorded in Illinois occurred in East St. Louis on July 14, 1954 when the mercury peaked at 117 degrees.


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