Can showers occur with very low temperatures?

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<em>Dear Tom,

I am puzzled by information on the Other U.S. & World Cities Section. They indicate showers at very low temperatures: Pittsburgh, showers, high 15, low 7, and Moscow showers, high 10, low 2. Can showers occur with temperatures so low?

Sincerely, Rosemarie

Dear Rosemarie,
The term “shower” is a descriptor of how a precipitation type is occurring. In other words, showers can describe a fall of rain, snow, sleet, or any other type of precipitation. Showers describe precipitation that features rapid changes in intensity, often starting and stopping abruptly. Showers also suggest that the precipitation is measurable. Showery precipitation is produced when a cloud-bearing layer of atmosphere is unstable, leading to vertically developed clouds, and bursts of precipitation. With temperatures in the teens and single digits, “showers” most likely are intended to describe a fall of snow.


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