April 1973 blizzard in Madison, Wisconsin

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Dear Tom,
The April 14 snowstorm reminded me of a blizzard in April, 1973 when I was a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The snow was so bad we had to abandon our car. Details?
— Judson Olsen
Dear Judson,
You were caught in one of the worst April blizzards ever to hit the Madison area. The snow began late on April 8 and finally ended on April 10 after the city was buried by 14.8 inches of snow. The storm paralyzed the city, closing schools and offices and bringing traffic to a standstill. At least five people perished in the storm that was accompanied by wind gusts to 53 mph that piled the snow into huge drifts. The Milwaukee area was also hard-hit receiving 14.1 inches. This storm, like all April snows, was short-lived as temperatures climbed into the lower 70s by April 15.


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