A mini-tornado in the late ’80s/early ’90s that skipped through Evanston?

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Dear Tom,
I heard that there was a mini-tornado in the late ’80s/early ’90s that skipped through Evanston. Is that true?
Thanks, Mary Brugliera
Dear Mary,
It is definitely true. Mother Nature provided some extra fireworks on a hot 91-degree July 4, 1985 when an F1 tornado with estimated 100 mph winds touched down in east-central Evanston before moving out into Lake Michigan. The tornado was embedded in a large area of downburst winds, which began in Skokie near the intersection of East Prairie and Greenleaf avenues, and moved east-northeast into Evanston. The storm uprooted many trees and damaged some homes. The worst damage was concentrated east of Ridge Avenue in Evanston. As the storm approached the lakeshore, it damaged 12 harbored sailboats as it moved into Lake Michigan, becoming a waterspout before it dissipated..


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