Illinois averages 54 confirmed tornadoes every year, with frequency peaking during the period from April through early June

Climatologically, March is Chicago’s fastest warming month. As solar heating increases and tropical air masses warm and push northward, the potential for severe weather rises. Statistics show that Illinois averages 54 confirmed tornadoes every year. This year the state has already registered 11 tornadoes during January and February. Though still rare, winter-season tornadoes have become more common over the past two decades. It is timely that the National Weather Service has designated March 6-10 to be Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Illinois.

Illinois Tornado Fatalities (1950-2020)

In the 70-year period ending with 2020 there have been 225 tornado-related fatalities in Illinois.

The deployment and subsequent improvements in Doppler radar technology since the early 1990s has made warnings considerably more accurate and timely resulting in fewer fatalities over the past 2 decades as compared to the decades from 1950 through 2000.