Full forecast details and an updated look at this week’s weather here.

Friday’s storm HAD A COLD SIDE TO IT TOO with mega-snows beneath its windy northern flank, which ranged from the northern Plains across a swath of Minnesota and the North Woods of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Seasonal snow tallies there have been quite phenomenal. Tom Skilling posts maps here of the latest storm’s snowfall and also season to date snow tallies across the Upper Midwest. Minneapolis’ 2022-23 season snow tally currently matches Chicago’s all time snowiest full season total set in 1978-79:  89.7″!

Total storm snowfall late this past week on the cold side of the same spring system which produced damaging t-storms and tornadoes in Chicago and across a wide swath of the central U.S.

Storm totals across the North Woods of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Late week snow accumulation totals west into Minnesota and the Dakotas

72 hour snowfall from the late week spring storm per the National Weather Service

2022-23 seasonal snowfall to date

The National Weather Service of Chicago have dispatched survey teams since the Friday outbreak which have confirmed 12 tornadoes across the area. There were still have teams out in the field Sunday. Friday’s storms were part of a mammoth outbreak of severe weather which produced more than 800 reports of severe weather filed with the National Weather Service’s STORM PREDICTION CENTER (SPC) Friday and Friday night–including 70 reports of tornadoes on that single day alone. And we appear to be facing yet ANOTHER POTENTIAL SEVERE WEATHER OUTBREAK in the Tuesday/Tuesday night time frame.

Here’s a rundown of the 12 tornadoes identified by National Weather Service-Chicago preliminary storm survey teams, still out in the field Sunday

NWS Chicago storm survey of one of the twisters–the one which was involved in the deadly roof collapse at the Apollo Theatre in Belvidere.