Another dry day on Tuesday, then storms return

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Monday marked a third consecutive day with no observed rainfall. The last time the city experienced 3 days without a drop of rain was almost 2 months ago, from May 13-15. High pressure is forecast to linger across the Great Lakes on Tuesday, providing sunny skies and extending the current dry spell. Light winds aloft and sinking air associated with this high brought us ample sunshine, but it also meant the atmosphere was poorly ventilated. Smoke from forest fires in western Ontario drifted southward and settled across the metro area, giving a pale cast to the sky. As the high moves east Tuesday night and Wednesday, wind flow will increase causing the smoke to disperse. Southwest winds are forecast to bring an influx of hot, humid, and unstable air. Scattered thunderstorms are expected to erupt as a cold front approaches Wednesday afternoon. Some of these storms could become severe.


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