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Dear Tom,

You recently gave us an update on where this year stood on 80-degree or higher days. What about days of 70 or higher?

Thanks, Victor Snelling

Dear Victor,

As of October 22nd, Chicago has officially logged 157 such days, good enough to tie for fourth place with 2007, and just seven days behind the record of 164 set in 1963. Going forward, if no more 70s were logged the rest of this year, 2021 would finish tied for seventh with 2016, 2012, 1971, and 1953, thirteen days behind 1963, the all-time leader with 170 days. In 1963, late October beyond the 20th was very warm, with five days of at least 70, including three in the 80s. November produced one additional day, a high of 70 on November 17. The weather changed abruptly in December,  which ranks as the city’s fifth coldest, averaging 12.9 degrees below normal, with 7.9 inches of snow and 12 days with temperatures of zero or below.