A Thanksgiving snowstorm in the middle 70s

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Dear Tom,

I was a student at the University of Illinois in the middle 70s and was trying to drive home the night before Thanksgiving but encountered a terrible snowstorm. What year was that?

Thanks, Corey C., Huntley

Dear Corey,

That snowstorm occurred 46 years ago, on Nov. 26-27, 1975. The snow began Wednesday afternoon, with the intensity increasing throughout rush hour.
The heavy snowfall clogged highways and canceled flights, paralyzing holiday travel. Snowfall on that Wednesday totaled 7.5 inches, and when the snow finally ended early on Thanksgiving morning, Midway Airport, then the city’s official site, had logged 8.6 inches. The 8-inch cover Thanksgiving morning tied 1895 for the holiday’s deepest snow cover. More recently, a 2004 Thanksgiving Eve snowstorm brought 4.3 inches of snow to the city, causing major travel disruptions.

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