A balmy 63 degrees on December 5, 1982

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Dear Tom,  

I remember being out on my motorcycle the first Sunday in December in the late 70s or early 80s. It was warm enough to ride without a jacket, but it also snowed later that week. Details?

David White 
Chicago Edgewater

Dear David,

That warm Sunday was December 5, 1982 when the mercury surged to a balmy 63 degrees. December 1982, influenced by a strong El Niño, was very mild and wet. The month averaged more than 8 degrees above normal and is best known for hosting the city’s warmest Christmas with a high of 64. The month also featured one of the city’s three December 70s, a 71 on December 2. Precipitation totaled a December record of 8.56 inches, with more than half of it (4.47 inches) falling during a December 2 flooding event. The month did produce 2.1 inches of snow, with 0.4 inches falling on December 8, just three days after your balmy Sunday ride.  

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