Dear Tom,

I was watching reruns of a television show that was set in Chicago. The two main characters reminisced how they first met “10 or so years back”, on Nov. 8 to be exact, a day when 10 inches of snow fell. Did that happen or do we chalk that line up to creative license?
Thanks, Debra B., Lake Villa

Dear Debra,

Looks like this one can be attributed to creative license. Though significant snowfalls have occurred in Chicago during early November, the city has never logged a 10-inch snowfall. The last time the city received more than an inch of snow during November’s opening 10 days was in 1966 when 1.5 inches fell Nov. 2. The only snowstorm remotely resembling the one referenced in the show took place in the incredibly snowy November 1951 that produced a record 14.3 inches of snow. After a 4.4-inch snow Nov. 3, 1951, the city was hit by a 9.3-inch snowfall Nov. 6-7. The city’s last significant snowfall in early November was 3.4 inches on November 11, 2019.