2020’s Fall Weather in Chicago: The best in 50 years?

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Dear Tom,
This seems like best fall weather season I can remember in my more than 50 years in Chicago. Does data on temperatures, precipitation, and sunshine back this up?

John Holden Chicago Edgewater
Dear John,
Not really. Impressions are often influenced by recent events, and perhaps the city’s record string of seven consecutive 70-degree days from November 4-10 have skewed your perspective. This meteorological fall season (September-November) averaged 55.1 degrees, and while 2.6 degrees above normal, ranks as the only city’s 39th warmest (since 1871) and warmest since 2012. It was dry with just 8.55 inches of rain, about an inch below normal (9.51 inches), and ranks as the city’s 93rd driest and the driest since 2016. Autumn sunshine was above normal, 57 percent compared to 54 percent, but there have been 11 falls that have been as sunny or sunnier, just since 2000.


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