2004 Thanksgiving Eve’s snow and ice storm

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Dear Tom,

I remember a snow and ice storm around 2005 the night before Thanksgiving. In the Naperville area we lost power for hours. Details?


Dear Debby,

It was Thanksgiving Eve in 2004, when Chicago area travel came to a standstill as it was blasted by the season’s first winter storm. Rain and thunderstorms changed to sleet and then to heavy, wind-driven snow during the late afternoon and early evening. Air travel was severely impacted as incoming flights were diverted or delayed. Snowfall in the city ranged from about 2 inches at Midway to 4.3 inches at O’Hare, but up to 8 inches fell across portions of northern Illinois. High winds downed power lines and toppled trees resulting in widespread power outages. The combination of snow, ice, falling temperatures, and poor visibility made driving nearly impossible, resulting in three to four-hour commutes.


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