Was the Tri-State tornado the largest in the United States?


Dear Tom,
I recently read about the Tri-State tornado. Was it the largest in the United States?

Jimmy Felton,

Dear Jimmy,
The Tri-State Tornado of March 18, 1925, stands as the tornado with the largest death toll, 695, in this nation. The path length was 219 miles. At Murphysboro, Il., 234 people died. The storm lasted 3 1/2 hours as it traveled from Missouri, across southern Illinois and into southwest Indiana. Its path, three-quarters mile in width, was remarkably straight, oriented southwest to northeast, and is without peer in U.S. tornado history. It was a fast mover, traveling at speeds up to 73 mph, and apparently produced no visible funnel — dust and debris helped obscure it. No photographs of the tornado have ever been found. The tornado  itself may have served as its parent storm’s low pressure center.


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