We have quite a weather week ahead in the Chicago area. It’s April- -the month in which the Chicago severe weather potential has often taken off.

There’s a potential severe weather outbreak ahead Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night.

Finally it will feel like spring

But first, Temps are set g to reach and exceed 60-degrees each of the coming three days and likely topping 70-degrees Wednesday. Chicago’s longest string of consecutive 60+ degree days in six months is in store.  We will see four of them in a row!

A northward flood of Gulf moisture will boost humidities to spring-like levels of 60-degrees and higher Tuesday night and Wednesday, a first for 2022. Air with that kind of moisture will take on a truly “spring-like” feel.

But humid air is also energy-rich air. The latent heat energy which such moisture holds produces buoyancy of the air here in the lower atmosphere which more easily fuels thunderstorms.

Storms Likely Midweek

While scattered coverage showers may occur Tuesday and Tuesday night, it’s the arrival of a cold front with a powerhouse southwesterly jet stream overhead which raises the greatest concern–and that happens later Wednesday and Wednesday night.

These elements, along with the 70+-degree high temps Wednesday and more than an inch and a half of evaporated water projected to be in the air then, threaten the development of supercellular thunderstorms–particularly in the afternoon and evening.

The NWS Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has already hoisted an enhanced risk for severe weather into a wide swath of the Chicago are in the Wed/Wed night time frame for the south half of the Chicago area—and a slight risk from Chicago north into Wisconsin.

Strong Winds Blow in Thursday

It will be followed but the potential for powerful winds Thursday. Gust could reach 50-65 mph.

Some early model estimates run as high as 60 to 70 mph.