Excessive Heat Warning: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Wednesday

Excessive Heat Watch: In place for Thursday

Tonight: Partly cloudy, hazy, warm and more humid. Low 76—closer to 70 inland.

Wednesday: Sun mixed with summertime cumulus clouds, turning windy, intensely hot and humid. A near record or record high approaching 99-deg.  Peak afternoon heat indices: 108 to 113-deg.  Gusts to 30 mph by afternoon.,

Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy, breezy, hazy, very warm and and humid. Low 81 in the city—mid 70s inland.

Thursday: A good deal of sunshine, intensely hot and humid with haze.  Sharp cooling later in the day begins on the North Shore and reaches across the city by and during the evening—but not before a potential record high of 101 and a peak heat index around 112.  Reading falling back to the 70s lakeside areas late in the day.

Friday: Partly cloudy, not quite as warm—but still humid. Chance of a few t-storms in the afternoon or at night. High 89—but low 80s lakeshore.

Saturday and Sunday: Partly sunny, breezy and markedly cooler and less humid. High Saturday 78. Sunday’s high 73—with readings cooler each day along Lake Michigan.

Monday: Mostly sunny and a bit cool for the season. Low humidities. High 77—lower lakeshore

Next Tuesday: Sunny, seasonable temps. High 83—a bit lower lakeshore.