–Tuesday marked the 9th consecutive of BELOW NORMAL TEMPS in a month just barely handing on to a 0.4-deg surplus to date

–Northeast winds continue to produce waves and local rip currents are our Chicago area beaches. A beach hazards statement remains in effect through 3am CDT Wed monring

–Rain’s been in short supply and will continue that way when scattered thunderstorms come on the scene over the weekend with a slight chance of an isolated shower in spots on Friday

–Normal highs and lows this time of year are 83 & 66 and temps will remain in that vicinity through tomorrow (Wed)

–A modest uptick in temps is due Thursday through Sunday with humidities increasing over the weekend

–Weekend rain chances are put at 34% Fri night; 58% Sat; 46% Sat night; 47% Sunday and 24% Monday

–No sign of heat in our future at this point. But history shows us that 77% of years since 1959 have generated at least one additional 90-degree day and as many as 17 occurred post Aug 17th in 1969. The most recent tallies of post 90-deg temps have included 8 in both 2017 and 2018

–Temps this week will average 73-deg, a modest 0.9-deg below normal and are predicted to average 72-deg next week -also a very modest 0.9-deg below normal


*BEACH HAZARDS STATEMENT continues through 3am CDT Wednesday morning……

TONIGHT: Clouds scatter, seasonable temps, winds diminish. Low 62–but mid 50s coolest inland locations.

WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY: Mostly sunny days; mainly clear Wednesday night.  Humidities remain low. Slight day to day warming, but with light easterly lake breezes on the Lake Michigan shoreline.  High Wednesday 81–mid 70s on area beaches. Low Wed night 60–with low to mid 50s coolest inland locations.

THURSDAY: High 85–modestly lower in the upper 70s immediate lakeshore.

FRIDAY: Sunshine amid some building summertime cumulus clouds. A little warmer. Slight chance of an isolated afternoon shower–but impacting only 10 or 15% of the area, High 87-the warmest daytime high in 13 days.

SATURDAY: More cloudy than not and warm. Humidities come in a bit higher. Several clusters of showers or possible thunderstorms which could produce rain over up to 60% of the area by days end, but with rain-free hours between the showers. High 85.

SUNDAY: Clouds with spells of mixed sun between the 40 to 50% coverage showers and possible thunderstorms. Moderately humid (mid 60 dew points). High 78.

MONDAY: Partly sunny, remaining seasonably warm with moderately elevated humidities (low to mid 60-deg dew points). Chance of a few isolated, low areal coverage showers. High 81–70s beaches.

TUESDAY: Mostly sunny, warm. High 83–mid to upper 70s beaches.