Finally, sunshine in Chicagoland!

Monday was the first time first we’d seen it in the city in 7 days.  The month has seen less than 20% of its possible sun. The record for sunshine this month has been abysmal with 14 of January’s opening 23 days reporting NO SUN. That’s not a record—but only 7 other Januarys since sunshine records began here in 1894 have produced more cloudy days—and the month’s not yet over.

Not much snow in January — yet

The snow drought here continues, despite 1.5″ at O’Hare over the weekend. (Little snow fell over southern suburbs and in northwest Indiana by comparison).  That accumulation brings the 2022-23 tally to just 6.2″–only 35% the normal to date of 17.3″.  

Only 8 snow seasons since the official record began in the 1884-85 season in Chicago have seen LESS SNOW than we’ve seen of late, reports my WGN meteorological colleague Mark Carroll.

Snow and cold are on the way

A MORE ACTIVE PATTERN in terms of snowfall is coming together.  So is a BIG TEMP DOWNTURN, which will be particularly noticeable next week.  But even this week will end up averaging nearly 10-deg colder than last—though it will still come in almost 4-deg above normal.

By comparison, next week will average as much as 15-deg colder than this week as arctic air takes control.

A moderate snow system is due Wed & Wed night will snow showers/flurries spilling over into Thursday. The early read on this system puts its heaviest snow in downstate Illinois and Indiana. But the 3-5″ which may fall here will, by this snow season’s standards, be the heaviest to occur to date. And there will be some wind with it. Wildcards include any shift in the storm’s track and how much snowfall may be enhanced by winds off Lake Michigan.

A second and possibly third snow system could be in the cards this weekend and toward Tue/Wed next week—though next week’s system is far off and confidence in it coming in is limited at this distance in time.


TONIGHT: Clouds redevelop, colder. Low 27.

TUESDAY: Extensive cloudiness with near seasonable temps and a chill in the air. High 35.

TUESDAY NIGHT: Cloudy. Snow developing in Wednesday’s predawn hours.  Low 28.

WEDNESDAY: Snow and becoming windy. Snow accumulation likely—early indications are possibly 3 to 5″. Wind gusts build to 30 mph.

THURSDAY: Snow showers and flurries, blustery and cold. High 32.

FRIDAY: Snow showers, quite windy. Gusts top 35 mph at times. High 34.

SATURDAY: Cloudy and breezy. Chance of snow in the afternoon. High 32.

SUNDAY: Snow likely, cold and fairly windy. High 25.

MONDAY: Some cloud breaks, breezy and colder. One of—if not THE—chilliest winter day to date. High 18.