–One remaining day tomorrow (Wednesday) in the 2022 CLIMATOLOGICAL SUMMER season—that’s the 3 month period which runs through June, July and August–and all indications point to us closing the books on a summer slightly warmer than normal (up 0.7-deg)–but also one which was DRIER THAN NORMAL in the city at O’Hare—with only 9.21″ versus the normal of 12.06″. That means summer 2022 produced only 76% of its normal rain

–September 2022 is forecast to average near or a bit above normal–but to continue dry, according to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC).

–Normal September temps start at 80/63 on the first and end up at 70/51 on the 30th with days continuing to lose just under 2.5 mins of daylight each day. We’ll see 73 fewer minutes of daylight by month’s end

–QUIET, COMFORTABLE WEATHER’s ahead the remainder of the work week. This week is predicted to average 75.1-deg–a reading 2-deg warmer than last and just shy of 4-deg above normal.

–NO PRECIPITATION is in sight until a few low coverage and scattered thunderstorms dot the area Saturday with a cold frontal passage

–The Labor Day weekend is then dominated by a Canadian high-pressure system which is to shift winds from the “NE” perhaps generating a chop on the lake and for swimmers Sunday into Labor Day amid cooler temps.

–Next week is predicted to CONTINUE THE ABOVE NORMAL TEMP TREND averaging 72.6-deg—a tad cooler than this week but still 3.2-deg ABOVE NORMAL


TONIGHT: Clear, comfortable. Temps are close to seasonal norms. Low 62—but low to mid 50s coolest inland areas.

WEDNESDAY: Generous sunshine, comfortable temps and humidities. Highs normal for the year at 83.

WED NIGHT: Only a scattering of clouds. Similar temps. Low 63-mid to upper 50s inland.

THURSDAY: Sunshine with just a scattering of fair-weather clouds. Temps nearly unchanged and at seasonable levels. High 85–but closer to 80 lakeshore.

FRIDAY: Partly sunny, breezy and warmer. High 87.

SATURDAY: Partly cloudy. Slight chance of a few isolated thunderstorms–but impacting only 10 to 20% of the area. Winds shift off Lake Michigan. High 84–but 70s lakeshore.

SUNDAY AND MONDAY (LABOR DAY): Partly sunny, breezy and cooler–especially along Lake Michigan. High Sunday 74. Monday’s high 78—but cooler each day on area beaches.