The Florida-based photographic work of Ronald Kotinsky is simply enthralling–the work of a master–just like the extraordinary work of Barry Butler and Nick Ulivieri and so many others I’ve featured here over the years. We are so fortunate to be able to take in the extraordinary photographic work of such talented photographers.

Operating out of the LIGHTNING CAPITAL of the country, Ronald Kotinsky’s work has caught my eye for years. His photography is stunning and offer us spectacular views of the lightning which is so much a part of Florida’s meteorological scene. By some accounts, lightning flashes across Florida skies 70 to 100 days a year.

To take in Kotinsky’s shots in recent days of lightning arcing earthward from the Sunshine State’s mammoth cumulonimbus clouds (i.e. “thunderheads”) is a sight to see. Check out some of Kotinsky’s most recent lightning photos. The power and the beauty of lightning comes across so clearly. (Check out Kotinsky’s work)

Florida, of course, is home to an astounding number of lightning discharges. The state temporarily lost the title of U.S. LIGHTNING CAPITAL to Oklahoma in 2020–but regained it in 2021, according to Vaisala–the company which runs the National Lightning Detection Network and issues fascinating annual reports on lightning occurrence in the U.S. and around the world. Read Vaisala’s 2021 annual report here

I’ve posted a number of graphics and analysis on lightning occurrence from that report here.