Here’s A TERRIFIC ANALYSIS from the publication NATURE of the Energy Department’s announcement on the FUSION RELATED work announced this past Tuesday.  

Clearly, the research on fusion, the source of the energy which drives our sun and the stars in the Universe, is complicated stuff. The success announced Tuesday has led many to ask how soon might fusion become a viable supply if energy? The answer, caution scientists, is decades from now. But it’s possible, in light of the recent research work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, that it could come online in less than the 50 or 60 years once thought the most probable period of time before fusion might be tapped for energy production.  

Work on fusion is being conducted worldwide. It’s been ongoing in our country since the 1950s. Yet, what was announced Tuesday—the release of MORE energy than was used to unleash it–a process known as IGNITION–was a first anywhere. And it was done at our country’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

 If successful in making fusion a reality–and scientist caution, there are many hurdles ahead that means it’s not a slam dunk—fusion might one day offer a limitless source of non-polluting energy free of greenhouse gas pollution from fossil fuels or radioactive waste from nuclear power plants.  The country which is successful in tapping fusion will lead the world in the energy arena.


Also of interest is PBS’ coverage of what was announced by the Department of Energy on Tuesday.