Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is erupting again on the Big Island Friday, reports USGS’ Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO). A little perspective for those headed to the Big Island on Hawaii–no need to your change plans. And importantly, the eruption is not threatening residents there.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, in its latest release, is indicating the eruption is limited to Kilauea’s summit region. HVO says multiple “lava fountains”–those are lava plumes being propelled into the air—are occurring from fissures (i.e. cracks) in the floor of Kilauea’s crater flood. Several of the bursts reached as high as 168 feet into the air when the eruption first got underway. It’s estimated 32 feet of new lava has been added to the floor of the crater—but this crater in nearly 1,000 feet deep, so it’s not spreading outside the volcano’s crat

This is really interesting: Here’s a link to the latest 24 hour webcam view of Kilaue’s eruption from the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO):

Read the full USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s Kilauea report here.

The weather satellite folks at CIMSS (the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have posted a satellite detected Heat Signature Animation here (Note: It takes a minute or so to load but is quite interesting).