–A TOTAL ELECTION DAY LUNAR ECLIPSE takes place toward morning. We anticipate only 30% cloud coverage. It begins at 2:02 am and reaches totality—the point at which the moon is in the darkest shadow of the Earth—from 4:17 am through 5:42 am.  The moon will set before we can see the eclipse come to its end. It the last TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in the U.S. for 3 years—until March 14, 2025—though there will be additional partial eclipse

–WE ARE GOING ON A THERMAL ROLLER COASTER THIS WEEK—Cool to start and for Election Day due to winds off the lake.

–MUCH WARMER WEATHER LOCKS IN Wednesday and Thursday thanks to the arrival of strong southerly winds
–Back-to-back 70s aren’t out of the question—potentially the last of the season.  Thursday’s 74-deg high would come within striking distance of the 2020 record high for the date

–BUT A WINTRY CHILL roars in on strong “WNW” winds Friday and the coming weekend will feature the first back-to-back daytime highs which fail to get out of the 30s since the more than 7 months since late last March

–The coming weekend will average 26-deg colder than the just completed weekend

–And the cold will have legs—hold through next week and into the week which follows.

–While this week is to average 47-deg—next will average 12-deg colder coming in at just 29-deg according to current modeling


TONIGHT: Some cloudiness, near seasonal temps. Low 41—but mid to upper 30s inland.

TUESDAY (Election Day): Partly sunny, breezy and cool. High 56—but low 50s lakeshore.
TUESDAY NIGHT: Cloudy spells, a few degrees milder. Low 46.

WEDNESDAY: A good deal of sunshine emerges from some morning clouds, turning breezy and noticeably milder. High 70.

THURSDAY: Partly sunny, windy and unseasonably warm. Temps approach the record for the date. High 74—a reading nearly 25-deg above normal.

FRIDAY: Showers and clouds at the start. The partly sunny, becoming very windy and much colder.  Wind gusts top 40 mph. High 53 but falling to the upper 30s or low 40s.

SATURDAY: THE SEASON’S COLDEST AIR TO DATE–A good deal of cloudiness, windy and cold. Chance of a few passing snow flurries. Gusts to 35 mph.  High 34. Lake effect snow and rain showers across the lake.

SUNDAY: Partly sunny, cold and blustery. High 33. Lake effect snow and rain showers across the lake—but NOT in Chicago.

MONDAY: Partly sunny and cold. High 37.